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Kei te kaharawa ahau - The best I can be

Welcome to Pongaroa School! We are nestled in the heartland of rural New Zealand, protected by the Puketoi Ranges and watched over by the The Three Kings. The students of Pongaroa School, its team and community actively strive to be their individual and collective best and take every opportunity to learn.

At the centre of each day is 'the student', preparing them for an ever-changing world ensuring they are confident in who they are and what they are achieving as learners. Cultural diversity and learning opportunities in Tikanga Maori and Te Reo Maori are celebrated with our strong ties to Papauma Marae and our community.

We are proudly digital learners with all senior students having a MacBook and our middle years having one MacBook between two learners. Our school also has iPads to support digital learning in our junior school. Pongaroa School teaching/learning environments have recently been upgraded with new innovative learning environments.

Our students are engaged learners who understand what it means to be self-managed learners. We are proud of their success in learning and we are equally proud of their success in the sporting field. Pongaroa School students participate in many team sports - rugby, netball and hockey.

We have recently upgraded our school and community swimming pool. This facility is completely covered and heated. As well as class lessons in Term One we also have optional lessons by a trained instructor in Terms 1 & 4.

Pongaroa School 125th Jubilee - save the date!!! Queen's Birthday Weekend - 4th and 5th June 2022!

Email enquiries to: jubilee@pongaroa.school.nz