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It's All About the Rugby ...

posted Jul 21, 2015, 1:39 AM by Unknown user
Monday arrived with everyone keen to get on with the business of learning.  For me, I had planned the ultimate first week plan, jam packed with engaging learning materials.  That was until Jordon informed me that Zac Guildford was at Weber School.  Was he coming to see us?  Could we go and see him?  What's a teacher to do?  Ask Fayln to get on the phone and start investigating is what she does!  We diligently completed our maths assessment and then jumped on the bus - thanks Mrs Berry!  What a great morning, Weber School welcomed us and our Seniors had a great time learning some new skills with Zac Guildford and two other Hawkes Bay Magpies - Michael Alardice and Mason Emerson.  Autographs were signed and the coveted Ranfurly Shield was held rather tightly!

A new addition to our literacy Programme is AVAILL  Check the link for a detailed understanding.  This is a fun programme that sees students watching a movie with subtitles and having to record certain things.  It also involves the original novel the movie was adapted from. Our first one is 'Hook' an adaptation from J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.  

Our Inquiry unit on the Rugby World Cup kicked off with a lively game of Double Jeopardy.  Students had to answer questions around rugby with different values in the hope of winning.  We learnt we know quite abit about the game and we also learnt that there are facts we don't know!  

Our online is up and running and everyone is becoming familiar with this - ask your child to share this with you.